My passion is working with women and their partners to facilitate an empowering birth experience.  My philosophy is that birthing is a very natural, intuitive process and our bodies can be trusted. A woman’s body and her baby work together during birth in an intricate biological dance and much of the mama’s work is to relax and let go and surrender to this process. Much of my work, and dad’s work, too, is helping to create a safe, loving, and supportive space for this to unfold.

To me, the best part about being a doula is really getting to know you and truly understanding your needs and desires for your birth so I can be of greatest service to you. To accomplish this, I meet with you twice prior to the beginning of labor so we can discuss your birth plan, options for birth, comfort measures and to address your questions and concerns. I’m very comfortable with different childbirth choices. Whether you desire a completely unmedicated birth or you feel that you would like to explore pain medication options, I’m here to support you in making the informed decisions that are right for you and your family.

During labor I gently help you achieve a state of relaxation and confidence by supporting you and your partner with comfort measures, including use of a birthing ball, suggesting positions for labor, and performing plenty of massage as desired. I also inform you about options you may have during the course of your labor and give you ongoing emotional and physical support. I stay with you throughout the entire process, unless you need a little time alone, of course, until shortly after baby arrives and you are ready to have some quiet time to begin bonding together as a family.

After the birth I’ll call you in a week or two to set up our postpartum appointment where we can discuss and process the birth experience.

My fee for complete birth services: $900

I also offer placenta encapsulation for $250