As a single mom to-be, I really just wanted a doula to ensure that I wouldn’t have my baby alone in my apartment.  When choosing my doula, I met with Christal first and throughout all of my other doula interviews, I kept comparing them all to Christal – that’s how I knew she was the one to help me through my birthing experience.  I am so pleased that I chose Christal, not just to have a doula like I originally wanted, but to have a super positive support person who was with me all the way. We met a few times before my due/guess date and she was very supportive of my HypnoBirthing birth method and guided me through some of the partner relaxation techniques.  I went into labor on my due date and early in the day when I started to feel contractions/waves, Christal responded immediately and was in touch with me all day, and by that evening, she was over at my apartment as I labored at home. Although my labor at the hospital was short (an hour and a half), Christal was on point with fulfilling the HypnoBirthing techniques by having me listen to the affirmations on the way to hospital and doing light touch massage during labor.  I know she did a lot of behind-the-scenes work at the hospital to ensure I was taken care of. Not only I am pleased with her services, I am pleased with my birthing experience.  I am beyond thankful that I was able to give my daughter a natural birth and was so glad that Christal was there to help me through it.

Natalie B.


My wife and I are first time parents. Like anyone else we were concerned about our birth wishes being reasonably met and having someone who has “done this before” be on our side. Christal Quick is amazing. She is highly professional and personable. Her rates are far more than fair. She met with us several times before the birth and heroically participated in the 36 hour marathon that was to be our first child’s birth.  We couldn’t be more pleased and hope that this review helps you choose her services.

Greg W.

I was extremely happy with the sincere care and support I received from Christal. She was there for me and my husband during my labor of 43 hours and another 5+ hours of pushing. At times when my mind was cloudy, she helped me see what my options were so I can better weigh the different possibilities. Two nights of labor, with no sleep and no solid foods, we developed a very good system of minimizing the pain I was having from my contractions since I tried to give birth naturally. I would definitely recommend Christal and would have her as my doula again.

Jessica C.

Christal was AMAZING! Being a first time parent I wanted to have someone at the birth that had seen it all before and would help me stick to my birth plan as much as possible as well as provide emotional support. Christal was my cheerleader, masseuse, therapist, and friend. I had a LONG (read: over 30 hours) labor with lots of twists and turns and she was with me 100% of the way. She provided suggestions for laboring positions and did wonderful massages which helped relax me and help me through contractions. She also provided my husband with support and reassurance throughout the labor. At the end of it all, she even went and got us what, at the time, was the best breakfast of my life! I cannot imagine my birth without her and if we ever plan to have another one, I plan to have her again.

Christina W.

We were very happy to have Christal help us during the birth of our daughter. Although we had hoped for a natural childbirth (free of most medical interventions), I ended up having to be induced out of medical necessity.  Despite this unexpected twist, I was able to deliver our daughter without pain medication (i.e. an epidural), which was very important to me.  I was also able to utilize hypno-birthing techniques to make labor much more bearable. Christal proved to be warm, friendly, and flexible during these unexpected circumstances. She was able to provide helpful advice throughout the induction and much-needed support in a rather cold, impersonal hospital setting, working with both me and my partner. Without Christal, the birth of our daughter would have been far more stressful and painful. We highly recommend Christal, especially for first-time mothers and for those delivering in a hospital where the nurses and doctors might be busy with other patients.

Evan & Nikki